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Video EEG for Neurology Practices

Reduce the wait time for ambulatory and routine EEG studies, guaranteeing quality care, patient comfort, satisfaction, and enhancing revenue.

EEG Solution for neurology practices

Patients seek a swift and precise diagnosis for epilepsy and related neurological disorders that is not only safe and affordable but also convenient. Neurologists aspire to offer top-tier patient care through video EEG services, expand their practice, and enhance earnings with consistent, precise neurodiagnostic examinations.
Although certain patients might need to be admitted to an EMU, a larger number can benefit from at-home ambulatory examinations or regular studies performed in a clinic. The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted both inpatient and outpatient services, leading to concerns among patients and caregivers about potential exposure. Postponing diagnostic treatments can lead to grave outcomes. With a range of proven and dependable NeuroTrace video EEG systems, NeuroTrace provides the solution.
NeuroTrace empowers physicians to administer superb care with the use of video EEG testing services (VEEG) in the patient's home. Our company leads the way in secure cloud-based neuro-telemetry software, VEEG testing, and innovative monitoring technology. Patients can be conveniently set up for VEEG in their own homes.

Changing the Way the World Looks at EEG Testing.