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EEG Solutions For Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

NeuroTrace enables hospitals to lower barriers to patient care, increasing access and efficiency and lowering costs.

Offering neurodiagnostic solutions uniformly across hospital divisions, community, and rural hospitals can be challenging. Guaranteeing timely, cost-effective brain monitoring for every patient, accompanied by expert diagnosis, is a tough task. From expenses related to capital equipment and IT systems infrastructure to challenges with EEG technologist staffing shortages, delivering inpatient services in areas like the ICU, EMU, ED, and outpatient labs presents many obstacles.

Hospital management aims to deliver top-tier neurodiagnostic services, boost patient flow and satisfaction, ensure efficient operations, and optimize revenue. NeuroTrace enables hospitals to lower barriers to patient care, increasing access and efficiency and lowering costs, with our portable NeuroTrace EEG and cloud software solutions.
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Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Remote 24-hour EEG monitoring in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit can put significant pressure on local resources. Our neuro-telemetry technology can watch your EMU patients remotely and alert nursing and medical staff when events occur, ensuring prompt response without straining your budget.

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Intensive Care Unit

NeuroTrace secure neuro-telemetry enables hospitals of all sizes, irrespective of their workforce, budgetary constraints, or the presence of in-house neurology professionals, to offer continuous remote EEG monitoring to their critical care patients.

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Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Remote EEG monitoring is highly useful for monitoring pediatric patients with impaired consciousness. It has proven itself especially useful for monitoring patients with therapeutic hypothermia, in whom it detects seizures, monitors burst suppression, and helps in sedation titration.

Security Taken Seriously
Remote Connectivity Solutions

NeuroTrace offers multiple secure, AES encryption options for real-time remote monitoring of your cEEG systems. Our solutions come with features like whitelisting and one-time passcodes, along with an audit log of system access, to ensure complete security. Our services follow all HIPAA and HITRUST rules, with third-party monitoring, Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Next-Gen Anti-Virus and Data Loss Prevention.

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